Basic Beauty Tips!


From dealing with your hairs to keeping your highlights on much longer, these beauty tips will help your maintain and build a better beauty foundation so you could be at your best appearance in a daily basis.

How to stop your hair colour from fading
If you just have you hair coloured or dyed, the last thing you want to happen is for the colours to fade immediately. To prevent this from happening, use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a month. This will help you lock in the colours.

Dry Out Pimples
Dabbing toothpaste into a pimple is the easiest way to dry it out.

Hair Lift
Before your start blow drying your hair, spray a volumizing agent to the roots of your hair. This will give your locks some lift.

Give your curls a bounce
Never brush curls with a brush. Loosen them with the use of your fingers. This will give your curls added lift without flattening them.

Stop taking supplements
It’s true that the healthier you are the healthier your skin is, but popping supplements without consulting a doctor can do more harm than good. This is because mixing certain vitamins and minerals can have the opposite effects. Consult a doctor before you start taking those supplements.

Oily face
The fastest way to get rid of that oil is through the use of blotting paper. It will clean the excess oil in our epidermis and will prevent oil breakouts.

Soften Skin
After stepping out of the shower, apply lotion or a moisturizing cream to your skin. Water washes away the skins natural oils, applying the lotion or moisturizing cream to your skin will prevent your skin from chapping and drying..

Maintaining your natural beauty doesn’t have to that expensive and hard. Save your money by doing daily routines to take care of your body in a daily basis. This will increase the time you can go without visiting the dermatologist and beauty clinics.